Volume 8 // Number 2 & 3 // 2005
Special Issue: Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Agricultural Biotechnology
Guest editors: James F. Oehmke, Carl Pray, and Anwar Naseem
Preface: Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Agricultural Biotechnology
J.F. Oehmke, C.E. Pray, & A. Naseem

Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Plant Biotechnology: An Introduction to the Researchable Issues
C.E. Pray, J.F. Oehmke, & A. Naseem

Who is Doing What?
Intellectual Property Rights in a Changing Political Environment: Perspectives on the Types and Administration of Protection
W. Lesser

Patterns of Public-Sector and Private-Sector Patenting in Agricultural Biotechnology
P.W. Heisey, J.L. King, & K. Day Rubenstein

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Stocks of Agricultural Biotechnology Intellectual Property
J.L. King & D.E. Schimmelpfennig

An Innovation Market Approach to Analyzing Impacts of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Plant Biotechnology Industry
M. Brennan, C.E. Pray, A. Naseem, & J.F. Oehmke

Does Plant Variety Intellectual Property Protection Improve Farm Productivity? Evidence From Cotton Varieties
A. Naseem, J.F. Oehmke, & D.E. Schimmelpfennig

What are the Current Effects of Industry Structure?
Intellectual Property Rights on Research Tools: Incentives or Barriers to Innovation? Case Studies of Rice Genomics and Plant Transformation Technologies
C.E. Pray & A. Naseem

Property Rights and Incentives to Invest in Seed Varieties: Governmental Regulations in Argentina
J.P. Kesan & A.A. Gallo

Monopoly Power, Price Discrimination, and Access to Biotechnology Innovations
A.K.A. Acquaye & G. Traxler

Whither Biotechnology Research?
Can Technology Transfer Help Public-Sector Researchers Do More with Less? The Case of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service
K. Day Rubenstein & P.W. Heisey

Second-Generation GMOs: Where to from Here?
K.Y. Jefferson-Moore & G. Traxler

Bt Corn Farmer Compliance with Insect Resistance Management Requirements in Minnesota and Wisconsin
J. Goldberger, J. Merrill, & T. Hurley

Perceptions of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Cotton Varieties: A Case Study of the Cotton Industry in Gujarat, India
U. Kambhampati, S. Morse, R. Bennett, & Y. Ismael

Technology Fees Versus GURTs in the Presence of Spillovers: World Welfare Impacts
S.H. Lence & D.J. Hayes

GM Crops: The Global Economic and Environmental Impact - The First Nine Years 1996-2004
G. Brookes & P. Barfoot

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