Volume 7 // Number 1 & 2 // 2004
Special Issue: Progress, Achievements and Constraints for Plant Biotechnology in Developing Countries
Guest editors: Nigel Taylor, Lawrence Kent, and Claude Fauquet
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis
Preface: Continuing the Effort
R.N. Beachy

Plant Biotechnology in Asia
R.A. Hautea & M. Escaler

The Status of Plant Biotechnology in Africa
J.A. Thomson

Agricultural Applications of Biotechnology and the Potential for Biodiversity Valorization in Latin America and the Caribbean
W. Roca, C. Espinoza, & A. Panta

Prospects for Bt Cotton Technology in India
R.B. Barwale, V.R. Gadwal, U. Zehr, & B. Zehr

Global Impact of Insect-Resistant (Bt) Cotton
J.P. Purcell & F.J. Perlak

Rice Biotechnology: A Need for Developing Countries
S.K. Datta

Transgenic Papaya in Hawaii and Beyond
D. Gonsalves

The Potato Story
W.K. Kaniewski & P.E. Thomas

The Challenges and Potential for Future Agronomic Traits in Soybeans
T. Conner, E.H. Paschal, A. Barbero, & E. Johnson

Progress and Challenges for the Deployment of Transgenic Technologies in Cassava
N. Taylor, L. Kent, & C. Fauquet

Transgenic Cotton in Mexico
G. Traxler & S. Godoy-Avila

What's the Holdup? Addressing Constraints to the Use of Plant Biotechnology in Developing Countries
L. Kent

Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Food Products in the Developing World
K.R. Curtis, J.J. McCluskey, & T.I. Wahl

Social Constraints on Crop Biotechnology in Developing Countries
G.D. Stone

Why We Partner: Collaborations Between the Private and Public Sectors for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation through Agricultural Biotechnology
R. Horsch & J. Montgomery

The Impact of Bt Crops on the Developing World
J. Huesing & L. English

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