Volume 6 // Number 1 & 2 // 2003
Special Issue: Soybean Biotechnology
Guest editors: Henry T. Nguyen and Gary Stacey
A Soybean Biotechnology Outlook
J.C. Gardner & T.L. Payne

The Status of Soybean Genomics and Its Role in the Development of Soybean Biotechnologies
R.C. Shoemaker, J.A. Schlueter, P. Cregan, & L. Vodkin

The Future of Biotechnology in Soybeans
J. Soper, D. Judd, D. Schmidt, & S. Sullivan

Genetic Enhancement of Soybean Oil for Industrial Uses: Prospects and Challenges
E.B. Cahoon

Modifications in Soybean Seed Composition to Enhance Animal Feed Use and Value: Moving From a Dietary Ingredient to a Functional Dietary Component
M.S. Kerley & G.L. Allee

Engineering Soybeans for Food and Health
A.J. Kinney

The United Soybean Board's Better Bean Initiative: Building US Soybean Competitiveness from the Inside Out
D. Durham

Role of Public and Private Soybean Breeding Programs in the Development of Soybean Varieties Using Biotechnology
D.A. Sleper & J.G. Shannon

The Dynamics of Biotechnology in the Soybean Marketplace
S. Sonka

Agronomics and Sustainability of Transgenic Cotton in Argentina
M. Qaim, E.J. Cap, & A. de Janvry

Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: How Do US Consumers Want to See It Done?
M.F. Teisl, L. Garner, B. Roe, & M.E. Vayda

Climate Change for Biotechnology? UK Public Opinion 1991-2002
G. Gaskell, N. Allum, M. Bauer, J. Jackson, S. Howard, & N. Lindsey

Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods: Does it Really Provide Consumer Choice?
C.A. Carter & G.P. Gruère

Research Prizes: A Mechanism to Reward Agricultural Innovation in Low-Income Regions
W.A. Masters

Development and Marketing Strategies for Functional Foods
C. Mark-Herbert

Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Corn Rootworm Bt Seed Adoption
J. Payne, J. Fernandez-Cornejo, & S. Daberkow

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