Volume 5 // Number 4 // 2002
Special Issue: Agricultural Biotechnology in China
Guest editors: Mary A. Marchant and Francis Tuan
Agricultural Biotechnology Development and Policy in China
J. Huang & Q. Wang

GM Foods: A Nanjing Case Study of Chinese Consumers' Awareness and Potential Attitudes
F. Zhong, M.A. Marchant, Y. Ding, & K. Lu

Consumer Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Foods in Beijing, China
Q. Li, K.R. Curtis, J.J. McCluskey, & T.I. Wahl

Bt Cotton Benefits, Costs, and Impacts in China
J. Huang, R. Hu, C. Fan, C.E. Pray, & S. Rozelle

Issues on Adoption, Import Regulations, and Policies for Biotech Commodities in China with a Focus on Soybeans
M.A. Marchant, C. Fang, & B. Song

Is China the Market for Genetically Modified Potatoes?
K.R. Curtis, J.J. McCluskey, & T.I. Wahl

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