Volume 2 // Number 3 & 4 // 1999
The Economics of Biotechnology in Developing Countries
Editor's Introduction:
Agrobiotechnology in the Developing World

N. Kalaitzandonakes

Biotechnology and Escaping the Malthusian Trap
G. Conko & F.L. Smith, Jr.

Ten Reasons Why Biotechnology Will Not Ensure Food Security, Protect the Environment, and Reduce Poverty in the Developing World
M.A. Altieri & P. Rosset

Ten Reasons Why Biotechnology Will Be Important to the Developing World
M. McGloughlin

Can Agricultural Biotechnology Make a Difference in Africa?
B. Woodward, J. Brink, & D. Berger

Measuring Agricultural Biotechnology Research Capacity in Four Developing Countries
C.A. Falconi

Biotechnology Capacity of LDCs in the Asian Pacific Rim
S. Sahai

Assessing the Prospects for the Transfer of Genetically Modified Crop Varieties to Developing Countries
G. Traxler

Intellectual Property Protection, Biotechnology, and Developing Countries: Will the TRIPs be Effective?
W.A. Kerr, J.E. Hobbs, & R. Yampoin

Regulation of Biotechnology in LDCs: Implications for Technology Development and Transfer
G. Tzotzos

Agricultural Biotechnology, Trade, and the Developing Countries
P. Pinstrup-Andersen

Biotechnology in the Global Economy: Beyond Technical Advances and Risks
C. Juma

Commentary and Reply
Feeding a World of Six Billion
C.S. Prakash

Strengthening the Case for Why Biotechnology Will Not Help the Developing World: A Response to McGloughlin
M.A. Altieri & P. Rosset

Who Gains from Genetic Improvements in US Crops?
G. Frisvold, J. Sullivan, & A. Raneses

Public Agricultural Research and the Protection of Intellectual Property: Issues and Options
M. Maredia, F. Erbisch, A. Naseem, A. Hightower, J. Oehmke, D. Weatherspoon, & C. Wolf

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