Volume 22 // Number 1 Pre-production Publication
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Consumer Demand and Prospects for Commercialization of Nutritionally Enhanced GM Bananas in Uganda
Bioversity International
Makerere University
Biofortified banana (Musa spp.) is being promoted by the biotechnology industry to reduce Vitamin A deficiency and enhance the nutrition status of vulnerable populations in banana growing regions of the world. Pending its commercialization in some developing countries, there is a need to quantify demand and gauge the existing market demand for biofortified banana. Applying a contingent valuation method (CVM), we surveyed 233 Ugandan banana-consuming households, of which 32%, 45%, and 17.5% in the three regions surveyed (Central, Western, and Eastern regions, respectively) were willing to pay UGX 6,000 ($1.70 US) more per 22-kilogram bunch of biofortified bananas than for the equivalent weight in non-biofortified green cooking bananas. Our study calculates an annual potential demand for biofortified bananas of 2.6 million metric tons, with an estimated market value of UGX 2,542 billion ($673.5 million US), suggesting that, pending commercialization, there is already a huge market for biofortified bananas in Uganda.
Key words: biofortified banana, VAD, willingness to pay, contingent valuation, Uganda.

Suggested citation: Kikulwe, E., & Asindu, M. (2020). Consumer demand and prospects for commercialization of nutritionally enhanced GM bananas in Uganda. AgBioForum, Pre-production publication, 1-12. Available on the World Wide Web:
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