Volume 18 // Number 3 // 2015
Introduction: Essays in Honor of Wallace Huffman
P.F. Orazem, G. Traxler, & N. Kalaitzandonakes

Eighty Years of Research on Rural Economic Development, Agglomeration, Migration, Commuting, Income, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: The Iowa State Human Capital Tradition
G.M. Artz, I. Cho, Z. Guo, Y. Kim, P.F. Orazem, & L. Yu

Immigration and Farm Labor: Challenges and Opportunities
P. Martin

Survey Evidence on Legal and Illegal Hispanic Immigrants’ Perceptions of Living and Working in US Agriculture
G. Colson, G. Melo, & O.A. Ramirez

The Impact of Maternal Occupation and Pre-Pregnancy Weight Status on Childhood Obesity
J. Schuring

Mechanized Agriculture: Machine Adoption, Farm Size, and Labor Displacement
A. Schmitz & C.B. Moss

Why do US Corn Yields Increase? The Contributions of Genetics, Agronomy, and Policy Instruments
S. Smith & B. Kurtz

Testing the Induced Innovation Hypothesis: Accounting for Innovation Creation and Innovation Implementation Incentives
C.R. Shumway, B.W. Cowan, & D. Lee

The Loss from Underutilizing GM Technologies
D. Zilberman, S. Kaplan, & J. Wesseler

Fifteen Years of Experimental Auctions of GM Foods: What Have We Learned about Policy, Preferences, and Auction Design?
M.C. Rousu

Consumer Preferences, Ecolabels, and Effects of Negative Environmental Information
X. Chen, F. Alfnes, & K. Rickertsen

Does the Packaging Make the Product? Identifying Consumers’ Preference for “Natural” in Packaging
C. Grebitus, H.H. Jensen, J. Roosen, & J.G. Sebranek

Willingness to Pay for Organic Food Products and Organic Purity: Experimental Evidence
J.L. Strzok & W.E. Huffman

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