Volume 15 // Number 2 // 2012
Special Issue: Farmers and Researchers Discovering Biotech Crops: Experiences Measuring Economic Impacts among New Adopters
Guest editor: Melinda Smale and José Falck-Zepeda
Rough Terrain for Research: Studying Early Adopters of Biotech Crops
M. Smale

Unweaving the Threads: The Experiences of Female Farmers with Biotech Cotton in Colombia
P. Zambrano, M. Smale, J.H. Maldonado, & S.L. Mendoza

Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis: Impact Estimation Issues from the Early Adoption of GM Maize in Honduras
J. Falck-Zepeda, A. Sanders, C. Rogelio Trabanino, & R. Batallas-Huacon

Impacts of Bt Maize on Smallholder Income in the Philippines
J.M. Yorobe, Jr. & M. Smale

GM Maize as Subsistence Crop: The South African Smallholder Experience
M. Gouse

Bi-Modal Preferences for Bt Maize in the Philippines: A Latent Class Model
E. Birol, M. Smale, & J.M. Yorobe, Jr.

A Case of Resistance: Herbicide-tolerant Soybeans in Bolivia
M. Smale, P. Zambrano, R. Paz-Ybarnegaray, & W. Fernandez Montaño

Analysis of Contracting Alternatives for Switchgrass as a Production Alternative on an East Tennessee Beef and Crop Farm
A.P. Griffith, J.A. Larson, B.C. English, & D.L. McLemore

The Impact of Corn Rootworm Protected Biotechnology Traits in the United States
M.C. Marra, N.E. Piggott, & B.K. Goodwin

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