Volume 14 // Number 3 // 2011
Special Issue: 2011 International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR) Conference
Guest editors: Justus Wesseler & Philipp Aerni
Introduction: Sustainability and the Bioeconomy
J. Wesseler & P. Aerni

The Lessons of Fermentation for the New Bio-Economy
D. Zilberman & E. Kim

Biofuel Policies and Carbon Leakage
D. Drabik & H. de Gorter

An Economic Evaluation of US Biofuel Expansion Using the Biofuel Breakeven Program with GHG Accounting
A. Rosburg & J. Miranowski

US Maize Yield Growth Implications for Ethanol and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
J. Miranowski, A. Rosburg, & J. Aukayanagul

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential and Mitigation Costs of Biogas Production in Brandenburg, Germany
L. Scholz, A. Meyer-Aurich, & D. Kirschke

Balancing Agricultural Development Resources: Are GM and Organic Agriculture in Opposition in Africa?
A. Novy, S. Ledermann, C. Pray, & L. Nagarajan

Determinants of Adopting Imazapyr-Resistant Maize Technologies and its Impact on Household Income in Western Kenya
D.B. Mignouna, V.M. Manyong, J. Rusike, K.D.S. Mutabazi, & E.M. Senkondo

Technical Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Bt Cotton and Non-Bt Cotton in North India
P. Mal, A.V. Manjunatha, S. Bauer, & M.N. Ahmed

The Effects of Framing on Consumers’ Choice of GM Foods
A. Heiman & D. Zilberman

Sustainability and the Bioeconomy: Synthesis of Key Themes from the 15th ICABR Conference
S.J. Smyth, P. Aerni, D. Castle, M. Demont, J.B. Falck-Zepeda, R. Paarlberg, P.W.B. Phillips, C.E. Pray, S. Savastano, J.H.H. Wesseler, & D. Zilberman

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