Volume 13 // Number 4 // 2010
Special Issue: 2010 International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR) Conference
Guest editors: Justus Wesseler, David J. Spielman, & Matty Demont
The Future of Governance in the Global Bioeconomy: Policy, Regulation, and Investment Challenges for the Biotechnology and Bioenergy Sectors
J. Wesseler, D.J. Spielman, & M. Demont

Policy Gridlock or Future Change? The Political Economy Dynamics of EU Biotechnology Regulation
J.F.M. Swinnen & T. Vandemoortele

Price Controls and Biotechnology Innovation: Are State Government Policies Reducing Research and Innovation by the Ag Biotech Industry in India?
C.E. Pray & L. Nagarajan

Poverty Impacts of Improved Agricultural Productivity: Opportunities for Genetically Modified Crops
M. Ivanic & W. Martin

Developments in Agricultural Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa
J.A. Thomson, D.N. Shepherd & H.D. Mignouna

The Commercial Application of GMO Crops in Africa: Burkina Faso’s Decade of Experience with Bt Cotton
Jeffrey D. Vitale, G. Vognan, M. Ouattarra, & O. Traore

Public vs. Private Agbiotech Research in the United States and European Union, 2002-2009
D.G. Frisio, G. Ferrazzi, V. Ventura, & M. Vigani

Resistance Management and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biotechnology
G.B. Frisvold & J.M. Reeves

Resolving FTO Barriers in GM Canola
V. Galushko, R. Gray, & S. Smyth

Assessing the Welfare Effects of US Biofuel Policies
G. Moschini, H. Lapan, J. Cui, & J. Cooper

Managing R&D Risk in Renewable Energy: Biofuels vs. Alternate Technologies
G. Rausser, R. Stevens, & K. Torani

Indirect Land Use Change: A Second-best Solution to a First-class Problem
D. Zilberman, G. Hochman, & D. Rajagopal

Transgenic Trees for Biomass: The Effects of Regulatory Restrictions and Court Decisions on the Pace of Commercialization
R. Sedjo

Targets and Mandates: Lessons Learned from EU and US Biofuels Policy Mechanisms
J. Ziolkowska, W.H. Meyers, S. Meyer, & J. Binfield

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